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Jamaican Reverie


In the yellow flickering
of the oily lamplight
Two cooling bodies
intertwining black and white

Murmuring to chuckle
or laze a golden smile
To drowse a bit and fondle
away this idle while

Minds sweetly oblivious
of mosquitoes’ sting
Just pleasantly enervous
as sweat dried bodies cling

A strong new generation
of a warm and gossamer brown
with tenderstated passion
tween soft black hips is sown

Mayhap uniting freely
a sunspawned island’s lands
One more road to humanity
in the burning touch of black and white hands

2 thoughts on “Jamaican Reverie

  1. I was there in your poem and felt what they felt.

    1. Thank you for saying that. I was too of course, I mean it really was a specific night of love making, falling in etc with a Lady who lived in Discovery Bay Jamaica named Elizabeth Thomas and I worked on a scientific research vessel for U. of Miami, and there were fireflies and goats on the hills running free, and good weed of course. Fifty years ago. Glad I wrote it down, and gladder you reminded me today.

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