Murder on a Small Island

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Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.



“You have got to be having a real slow day here in Nookie Central if all you have to do is annoy the shit out of your favorite P.I.”

“Ah come on Angie, you losing your sense of humor and becoming an adult. You need any help getting rid of that panty wad you got going?” She pouted for about a second and then went back to grinning as the slender blonde in the scarlet drawers came in after me and tripped around the desk to plop down on her lap.

Kate gave her a kiss on the cheek and copped a feel of her pert right breast.

“This is Tanya, Tanya this is Angus, he is a dirty, dirty unrepentant pervert that you can trust with your life if he is your friend.” She gave Tanya a spank that made her jump up rubbing her ass and come around the desk to sit on my lap and stick her tongue out at Kate making a short farting noise.
“I like him already.” She kissed my cheek and stroked my neck. “You’ll be my friend won’t you?”
“I can’t wait.” I said sincerely.

Kate slapped the desk with a mock frown.

“All right you two. Get a room!” She barked.

“I’ve got a room,” I murmured. “In a nice sleazy motel on Aurora Avenue North.”

“Mmmmmmmm, my kind of man.” Tanya said, wiggling her butt around, which caught the attention of my trouser snake.

Kate shook her head at my smile. “Hey, over here Horatio Horndog. I’ve got a potentially serious pain in the ass coming my way.”

“Believe me, so does Tanya.” I countered.

Tanya punched me on the arm, but she smirked while she did. She stood up adjusting her skirt, or wide belt, which would be a better description, and perched on the corner of Kate’s desk, still giving me a distracting flash of scarlet occasionally.

“Okay, I’ll be an adult for a while. What is it exactly that has your knickers in a twist?” I tried to remember where I left my serious face.